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TwinPeak Filter 

Epoch Modular is proud to announce that we will begin production of a new module next month: the TWINPEAK. This filter is inspired by the TwinPeak Resonator from Rob Hordijk's Blippoo Box, and was specially designed by Hordijk himself for Epoch Modular.*

The Module is comprised of two identical 12db Lowpass filters which are combined to produce a single output, the response of which can be modified from lowpass to bandpass and in-between (via a CURVE control). It will have two inputs with a passive x-fade to balance between them, two separate cv inputs with attenuverters for controlling the cutoff frequency of each filter, and an additional cv input (TWIN MOD) that can be switched to modifying either the cutoff frequency or damping/resonance level of both.

This is a very unique and high quality filter that provides for many subtle nuances. It works great with audio, but also ideal for creating warm and percussive bell-like effects, simply by inputting various types of pulsed wave signals, even gates and triggers into the audio inputs. It should be a great sidekick for the benjolin and also work nicely with a wide range of other modules. Many thanks to Rob for making this happen.
More news about this will be forthcoming (including video demos).

*Note: This filter should not be confused with the 18db TWINPEAK filter, available only in 5U format, from Hordijk himself.