Details of Warranty

All modules come with a one year warranty for parts and repair  (Just make sure that

you save your receipt!), providing there are no obvious signs of abuse that would

indicate that the damage is due to some kind "external trauma" or that the user did

not accidentally reverse the power supply.  Please contact us before returning an

item, as we reserve the right to purchase shipping through our own accounts in order

to ensure the the best possible price.  If you bypass this procedure, than you will be

responsible for the cost of shipping to us, but we will still cover the cost of shipping

back to you.

Repair out of warranty modules?  

Not a problem.  In this case the buyer must cover the full cost of shipping.  Additional

charges will include the cost of parts and labor.  As you might imagine, the amount

of time required to fix a module will vary depending on the damage done, but

generally speaking repairs should take no more than 15 or 20 minutes.  When the

module is repaired we will send you a paypal invoice for the cost of parts, labor

+ return shipping/insurance.  When payment is received (and cleared!) the module

will be shipped back to you.